Alan Wants to be your Citizen Legislator

Why I’m running for State Senate in LD 15

My name is Alan Smith and I am running for the AZ State Senate in LD15.  I had no notion of running for office, assuming our newly redistricted LD 15 would have a full slate of candidates in the primary- a senator and two reps.  Finding we had NONE at the official filing date, I was really disappointed, mad, upset.  I just couldn’t allow the three ultra conservative politicians in our district a free pass in the general election, especially Jake Hoffman for State Senate. So I decided to run.  

Mr Hoffman is plotting to ruin public schools through the false “school choice” voucher movement which subsidizes the rich to pay for their discriminatory private schools, Hoffman is against women’s rights to privacy and reproductive freedom, he is 100% for the gun lobby wanting no common sense gun legislation, he is against early and mail-in voting wanting to vote only on election day which would take weeks or months to gain a result, he is pro development with a lack of regard for water availability... and the list goes on.  These policies are not your priorities nor Arizona’s and they do not support a successful long term future for Arizona.   

Mr Hoffman also doesn’t care how you vote in an election.  He is a proud insurrectionist and fake patriot who signed a fake document with a stolen or forged AZ state seal stating Donald Trump won our state’s 11 electoral votes.  He is still promoting this “big lie” a year and a half plus after Biden was sworn into office saying the election was stolen.   Jake Hoffman is standing in the way, not leading the way.  He is anti-democratic and special interest focused.  He is a professional politician helping his deep pocketed cronies, not a Citizen Legislator supporting you and me.  Hoffman is also not supporting democracy nor supporting the TRUTH.  He supports lies and and immoral behavior if they will further his agenda.

Some further examples of his questionable associations and immoral or perhaps illegal behaviors:

  • Hoffman is banned from Facebook and Twitter, after being caught in 2020 allegedly using underpaid, underage children posting under assumed names for his Rally Forge business, to create hundreds of fake social media accounts disseminating thousands of lies on voting validity, Covid, Mark Kelly & Joe Biden while exaggerating his candidates accomplishments.  This “troll farm” is described as doing the same thing Russia was doing promoting propaganda and lies in the 2016 election.  
  • His Rally Forge business in 2016 allegedly fabricated a politician- complete with a doctored photograph as an independent write-in candidate to split the vote and allow Hoffman’s candidate to win.
  •  He is associated with 1TEN, which the 2022 Governor’s Republican primary took in $2.1 million, for ads to promote Keri Lake and ads against Karrin Taylor Robson, Lake’s opponent.  That is no problem, but hiding the donors is.  When reporters went looking for the “donors” disclosed in required state reporting, they found the “donors” had never heard of Keri Lake.  Hoffman’s company is hiding the real donors, his special interests? More to come on this one.
  • Hoffman has been quoted as making the following statement in a legislative committee, “One person’s disinformation is another person’s truth.”  It appears to me he is acknowledging his interest is in spreading disinformation, commonly referred to as lies, disguised as the truth.  What a great moral compass!
  • He associates with Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA which openly has white supremacist members and speakers at their events, as well as neo-nazis and anti-Jewish attendees.
  • Hoffman is reported to be a member of the secretive Council on National Policies.  CNP meets in private undisclosed locations and bans the press from their gatherings.  Their membership reportedly includes some of the richest billionaires, media moguls and politicians meeting in secret to discuss strategies for making America to their radical ultra conservative liking.   Its membership includes white supremacists, neo nazis and neo confederates who want to take the United States back to 1932 before Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s election as president.   Why 1932? Because that was before Social Security(1935), Germany’s loss in WW II(1945), McCarthyism(1954), Voting Rights Act(1965), Medicare(1966), legal inter-racial marriage(1967), OSHA(1971), legalized abortion(1973) and the Affordable Care Act(2010) .  I’m almost surprised this group didn’t go back to 1920 before women were allowed to vote. 
  • Hoffman now is very proudly setting up  the “Freedom Caucus” for Arizona, which Andy Biggs has headed in the US Congress, to bring it to Arizona.  John Boehner, the former speaker of the house said of the Freedom Caucus, “They can’t tell you what they’re for.  They can tell you everything they’re against.  They’re anarchists.  They want total chaos. Tear it all down and start over.  That’s where their mindset is.” It is interesting that Mick Melvaney & Mark Meadows, two of Trump’s former chiefs of staff, were founding members of the Freedom Caucus and Meadows its former chair.   Was there any anarchy or chaos at the US Capitol January 6th 2021?

These are his questionable relationships and immoral behaviors that have been written about.  There likely is more that has not yet come to the surface.  As Thomas Jefferson said, " The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest."  It is time to elect a Citizen Legislator instead of a corrupt politician.   "Government should be of the people, by the people, for the people."

Support Alan Smith for the Arizona State Senate for Legislative District 15.  He will be looking out for you and Arizona’s long term future.

Please see “Priorities” to find where Alan stands on Arizona’s issues.


Vote for Alan Smith for State Senate in LD 15.
Alan will be your Citizen Legislator working for you.  

Note: LD 15 boundaries are South of Highway 60 and East of Power Rd and includes East Mesa, Queen Creek and San Tan Valley.